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Roby M Rage, born in Italy and passionate about electronic music since his youngest age. In the late 80’s, he made it it’s greatest passion starting to mix in different night clubs, festivals and radio shows. Roby M Rage was #1 in the ranking of underground dj’s on Trend Discotec in 1999 and actually he is in the Top 70 Hard Techno artists in the world and he played all over the Europe. He also reviewed artists for the prestigious British magazine “Dj Mag” in the second half of the 90’s. He touring hundreds of clubs and his productions are hitting the Top of the Techno charts with releases on somes of the best Techno labels like Dolma Rec, Hydraulix, JOOF Recordings, DSR Digital, Naked Lunch, Diffuse Reality, Collective Details, just to name a few.